Body Health Treatments

Renewing Rice Body Polish:
A beautiful mix of gentle exfoliation and hydration, this unique blend of red rice refines and polishes the skin, while aloe vera, almond and cucumber nourish the body. Infused with lavender oil to calm and soothe the most sensitive skin, the body if left with a luminous glow. This service ends by dry toweling off the exfoliant, followed by a feathering of oil to further hydrate the body.
60 min $90
Lemongrass Body Scrub:
This refreshing, aromatic, salt scrub soothes your nerves, as well as eases stress. Exfoliating the entire body, this treatment increasing blood circulation and improves the appearance of cellulite. This service ends with hot towels, removing the exfoliant, followed by a feathering of cream to further hydrate the body.
60 min $95
Youthful Zest Sugar Scrub:
This sugar based scrub, with natural fruit enzymes, exfoliates the skin to revive youthfulness, while anti-oxidant properties of pomegranate, longan and passion fruit rejuvenate both the mind and body. The service ends with hot towels, removing the exfoliant, followed by a feathering of oil, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and replenished.
60 min $100
Herbal Steam Body Therapy:
Health benefits of herbal steam body therapy: detoxification, cellulite reduction, joint pain relief and stress relief. This therapy also improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and boosts immunity.
Steam therapy has been used around the world for centuries, to improve and maintain good health and beauty, creating well being and overcoming illness. As you lie down, your body is evenly heated with steam, while your neck and head are kept cool outside of the tent. Essential oils are added to customize your treatment, depending on the focus of your service.
Steam Therapy:
This can be a stand alone treatment but also complements most massages, facials and other body treatments. In order to receive the full benefit of Steam Therapy, a series is recommended.
30 min $40
Treatment Series of 10: $350

Herbal Steam Body Therapy Customized Treatments:

Breathe easy with Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Wintergreen full body steam, including sinus pressure point facial massage. A head and shoulder massage can also be added to this treatment, to allow your congestion and sore muscles to surrender to this healing treatment.
45 min $65
70 min $85 (including head/shoulder massage)
Treatment Series of 5: $300
Joint and Muscle Relief:
With cold and dry weather, many people suffer with joint discomfort. This gentle and relaxing treatment helps to flush out toxins and reduces inflammation in the joints. Using our plant essence therapy oil, this treatment begins with a full body massage and is followed by a RELIEF moist heat treatment.
90 min $135
Treatment Series of 5: $600