Ayurvedic Treatments

Indian Head Massage:
Based on the Ayurvedic healing system of India, this revitalizing, as well as relaxing, treatment involves rhythmic massage of the marma points in the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp. This massage provides relief from stress, migraines, headaches, eyestrain and invokes tranquility. Traditionally, Dosha balancing oils are used to massage your scalp; use of oils is optional.
15 min $30
30 min $50
Tibetan Blissful Sleep Ritual:
This nurturing, nourishing and regenerating treatment will help you dissolve the stresses and strains that keep you from enjoying sleep’s benefits. Deep massage of the feet with special relaxing, Tibetan oils will be followed by a soothing abdominal massage to help your breathing deepen. Finishing with a gentle Tibetan marma sequence (vital energy points) which encourages sleep, will leave you feeling very relaxed.
60 min $95
Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga:
A classic Ayurvedic massage using warmed aromatic oils that match the need of your body/mind, balancing your dosha, while nourishing the skin and eases tension in the deeper cellular level. The Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga combines the use of tailored massage strokes, marma therapy, nourishing oils and powders that will leave you feeling light and relaxed, yet energized and refreshed.
60 min $110
Tibetan Shirodhara:
The Tibetan Shirodhara take you on a journey through a seamless rhythm of four traditional Tibetan body work techniques that conclude with the pairing of a continuous stream of warm oil over the forehead, to profoundly relax that body and bring peace and clarity to the mind. Shirodhara is a deeply nurturing psycho-spiritual experience that attunes the body and mind towards spontaneous healing.
60 min $110
Udhvartana (Powder Massage):
Also known as the powder massage, the Udhartana massage can help one to loose weight, improve skin complexion, imparts mobility to joints, strengthens muscles, de-stress and provide a natural full body exfoliation. The herbal powder or paste when rubbed on the body creates friction, which helps to open pores, remove toxins and blockages and increase heat in muscle tissue to stimulate fat one’s metabolism to burn fat. This massage may be followed by an herbal steam treatment, that can help the body to release built up water retention.
60 min (2 handed) $120/ 90 min Including Herbal Steam $150
60 min (4 handed) $240/ 90 min Including Herbal Steam $270